Come on in! Enjoy this video to get you in the mood for Tree Climbing. Then consider joining us for a climb!

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Want to see and hear about Recreational Tree Climbing? Watch this video of Harv taking a new climber up for the first time, and discussing what tree climbing is all about.

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We climb trees! We do it because we love being in forests and among trees: not just among them, but up in them. We love the adventure, the experience of something new every climb, the physical challenge, the joy, the opening up of the world. 

We have been taking people and groups climbing since 2002, and teaching others to climb or to lead groups themselves. Harv is vice-president of the umbrella non-profit that helps to standardize climbing guidelines and curricula for training courses, and promote public awareness of the safe practice of recreational tree climbing, the GOTC, the Global Organization of Tree Climbers. He is recognized as a Master Instructor by the GOTC.

Recreational Tree Climbing programs take place at nature centers, arboreta, schools, preserves, parks and recreation districts, and numerous other venues in North America and in countries as diverse as Japan, England, Taiwan, Australia and Chile. Introductory climbs are offered to the public by formally trained facilitators, either partnering with a public or private entity, or at their own sites, often called "groves".

Does this sound like something you'd like to try, either as an individual climber or as a program for your organization or school? If so, I'll look forward to meeting up with you in the canopy some day. See Calendar

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